A holistic view of an object, detail or space

A 3D view of an object, object or detail is created using 3D visualisation, drawing, and animation. This gives a spatial representation of the object or object and also simulates its placement in space. We develop the concept from the first ideas, through the maturation of the idea to the final implementation. 3D renderings provide a qualitative understanding of solutions at all stages of their development.

Course of implementation

The design is based on the needs for the usability of objects, objects, surfaces or spaces and the desired image of the building. Identify the purpose of the individual parts, their use, key elements and image, and integrate them harmoniously into the design solution. 3D visualisation is indispensable. It gives us a clear and illustrative idea of what we will get out of the exercise.

The basis for 3D rendering

The basis for a 3D rendering can be a technical drawing or plan, a sketch with dimensions and details, or a photograph of an object or object. The drawing is created based on a discussion with the client, defining their wishes and expectations, and reviewing the material or basis for the drawing.

Rendering format

The customer receives the printout electronically or hard copy at the desired address. The drawing can then be used as a basis for design, manufacture, installation or use. Alternatively, it can give the customer an idea of the desired design, usability and final appearance of an object, space or solution. Finally, the 3D drawing or model is presented in four or, on request, more views.