Visualise the desired look and functionality of your fencing system in 3D

Quality design ensures that the final solution is in line with the expectations, wishes and needs of the occupant of the residential or commercial building. Visualisation helps us get a complete picture of the overall solution. The 3D drawing gives the final picture, of the appearance of the building after the installation of the fencing system.

Course of implementation

The design is based on the enclosure needs and the desired image of the building. These can be security, noise protection, protection from view, and the design of the fencing system being compatible with the image of the building, or all of the above. 3D visualisation is indispensable. It gives you a clear and illustrative idea of what you will gain by implementing the fencing system.

The basis for 3D rendering

The basis for the 3D rendering can be a photograph of the building, a 3D drawing of the building, a ground plan or site plan, the architecture of the building, or a design drawing or a sketch with the dimensions of the planned fencing system. The drawing is created on the basis of a discussion with the client and the definition of his wishes and expectations.

Rendering format

The customer receives the printout electronically or in hard copy at the desired address. The render is usually the basis for the overall design of the fencing system. However, it can only serve to give the client an idea of the desired design, usability and final appearance. The 3D model of the fencing system is presented with four or more views on request.