3D rendering for a complete exterior design and landscaping

The design of the exterior architecture of buildings is the basis for the compatibility of the exterior layout with the lifestyle, desires and expectations of the users. The landscaping of outdoor areas, access and circulation areas, terraces and pavements, paths, ornamental planting, lawns, fences, canopies and pergolas plays a significant role in the quality of life or business in and around residential or commercial buildings. The 3D rendering gives the final image, a visualisation of the completed building with its landscaped surroundings.

Course of implementation

The design is based on the needs for the usability of the external areas and the desired image of the building. Define the individual parts' purpose, use, key elements and image, and place them harmoniously in the space. 3D visualisation is indispensable. It gives you a clear and illustrative idea of what you will gain from a comprehensive external redevelopment.

The basis for 3D rendering

The basis for the 3D rendering of the overall exterior architecture of a building can be a photograph of the building, a 3D drawing of the building, a floor plan or site plan, the architecture of the building, a design for execution or a sketch with dimensions, a snapshot of the situation on the ground where the development is planned. The drawing is based on a discussion with the client, defining their wishes and expectations, a site survey and measurements on the ground.

Rendering format

The customer receives the printout electronically or in hard copy at the desired address. The layout is usually the basis for the external layout that follows. However, it can only serve to give the client an idea of the desired design, usability and final appearance of all the external areas around a residential or commercial building. The 3D model of the external layout of the buildings is presented in four or, if agreed, more views.